Punctuating Dialogue Activity -CSEC English A

Review the post entitled ‘How to write dialogue in a story‘.  After this, rewrite the following sentences below and include punctuation marks, quotation marks and capital letters.
  1. peggy said i have two cats do you have any pets
  2. i have two dogs three fish and seven snails said joe
  3. i have two cats said peggy do you have any pets
  4. i’m not sure said sue if i know how to do this test has he brought any papers home asked mother
  5. he shook the tree so hard said joan that the apples fell to the ground
  6. we are going to write an editorial today said mr cumberland
  7. get out of here she said before i call the police
  8. dad said let’s go to eagle park if it doesn’t rain
  9. i’ve never been to california remarked jane maybe my family will go this summer
  10. peggy asked why are you here so early


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