CSEC English A Sample Summary Writing Question

Here is a CXC past paper type summary writing question.
This is the type of summary writing question that has been on
CXC English A past papers
NB: CXC suggests spending no more than 35 minutes to answer the summary writing question in Section one, paper 2 of the English A exam.
Read carefully the following conversation between Ross and Susan and then answer the question below it.
Susan Charles, a fine secretary you are! Don’t you know that the students from Guadeloupe arrive on September 15th?
Both the boys and the girls. So what else is new?
Ross: None of your wisecracks. That’s only a month away and we haven’t found accommodation for them as yet. The hotel says there won’t be any room at that time. As secretary of the club, it’s your responsibility…
Susan: I know, I know. I’ll arrange for them to stay in private homes. I’m sure the villagers won’t mind taking them in for a small charge. It’s only for two weeks. Our visitors are booked to leave on the 30th.
Ross: Not a bad idea. Why don’t you write to all the villagers asking them to write to us if they are interested in putting up these students? I wonder how much they’ll charge.
Susan: I’ll ask them to give their rates. We’ll have to insist, though, that the villagers who are interested must be able to speak French. The Guadeloupeans speak no English.
Ross: At least not the six who are coming. Should the villagers provide meals?
Susan: Breakfast and dinner, except on Sundays when they must include lunch as well.
Ross: I think we should let the villagers know that two club members will want to inspect homes and chat with the applicants before making the selection.
Susan: Agreed. Letters from those who are interested should reach us by August 26th. Then our members can visit on the 28th.
Ross: After six p.m., I suppose? Should the villagers write to you as secretary?
Right on both counts; I’ll tell them to write to:
   The Secretary
Denby Sports Club
P.O. Box 63
Arroyo Village.
Ross: But suppose a villager can put up more than one student?
Susan: All the better, my friend, all the better.
Imagine that you are Susan. In not more than 150 words, write the letter to the villagers.
Marks will be given for (1) content, (2) organisation and (3) expression
30 marks


The Secretary
Denby Sports Club
P.O. Box 63
Arroyo Village
Dear Villagers,
A pleasant day to you. The Denby Sports Club is seeking your help on accommodating six (6) Guadeloupan students both male and female for two weeks. The reason for this is of the inconvenience with the hotels being filled at this time. The students will be arriving on September 15th and departing on the 30th.
Villagers interested must be able to speak French fluently, to provide breakfast and dinner daily except on Sundays where lunch should be included. Please state your fees of accommodation and write back to us by August 26, where as an inspection by two (2) members of the club to select appropriate homes and chat with applicants will be done on August 28 after 6pm. Thanks in advance.
Susan Charles.

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