Sample CSEC English A Persuasive Writing Past Paper Questions

Here are CXC past paper type persuasive essay questions.
These are the types of persuasive essay questions that have been on
CXC English A past papers
NB: CXC suggests spending no more than 30 minutes to answer the persuasive essay question on Paper 2 of the English A exam. They also suggest 250 – 300 words as the length of the persuasive essay.
1. Write an article to the local newspaper expressing your concern about the high rate of traffic accidents in your country. Suggest three measures which would help to reduce this high rate of accidents.
2. Write an article for your school magazine about three major problems in your school and state how you would solve
each one.
3. You are on a committee planning the celebrations to mark the anniversary of your school. You have heard that some of your classmates plan to boycott the celebrations, and you have been asked to make a speech to persuade them to take part. Write out your speech.
4. Your school council has asked for nominations for the “Teacher of the Year” award. Write a letter to the council in which you suggest someone from your school, giving strong arguments to support your choice.
5. Write an article for a school magazine in which you present strong arguments either for or against the topic: “School should be abolished.”


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