Multiple Choice Reading Comprehension

Read the passage carefully. Then choose the correct answer.
The Asian elephant is another type of elephant found in the world, besides the African elephant. They share some similarities. Elephants are social creatures and live in herds. Asian elephants are normally found in countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar. An adult Asian elephant stands at two to three meters and weighs approximately 5000 kilograms. At birth, it stands at around one meter and weighs approximately 100 kilograms. Like most humans, they give birth to a single baby at a time but the foetus stays much longer in the mother’s womb compared to the human baby; 23 months! An Asian elephant has a life span of about 60 years. The diet of an Asian elephant is somewhat similar to African elephants. They feed mainly on vegetation, bark, fruits and flowers.
Living in a herd means that the baby elephant has a large group of adults to look after it, besides its own mother. An orphan elephant is often adopted by another female elephant. As the largest land animal in the world, an elephant requires about 150 kilograms of food and 75-95 litres of water a day.
1. There are ______ types of elephants in the world.
(A) one
(B) two
(C) three
(D) many
2. The Asian elephant can be found in ______.
(A) Indonesia
(B) America
(C) Australia
(D) Holland
3. How is the elephant similar to humans in terms of giving birth?
(A) The elephant gives birth to many young at a time.
(B) The elephant gives birth to one young at a time.
(C) The elephant’s foetus stays the same amount of time in the mother’s womb as the human baby.
(D) The baby elephant is only looked after by its mother.
4. What are the similarities between the African and Asian elephants?
(A) They come from the same countries
(B) They live in herds
(C) They have the same diet.
(D) They live in herds and have the same diet.
5. What happens to an orphan elephant?
(A) It is looked after by another female elephant
(B) It is looked after by the whole herd
(C) It is abandoned
(D) It is killed

Answers : 1B   2A   3B   4D   5A

Read the passage carefully. Then choose the correct answer.
Tommy was in a rush. Grabbing his school bag and file, he kissed his mother goodbye and headed straight for the door. His father looked up from the newspaper and said, “Better bring an umbrella with you. It says here there’s going to be showered in the afternoon.”Tommy looked at the sky. It was clear blue with no clouds in sight.” “Not today,” he thought to himself. He went straight out without heeding his father’s words. He had a good day in school. He managed to finish all his school work which wasn’t normally the case. He had a good game of football during recess. So, by dismissal time, he was in a good mood.

On the way home, the sky started to darken and thunder rumbled. Without warning, heavy drops of rain fell and totally drenched him. He tried to make a dash for it and ran all the way home. By the time he reached his doorstep, he was soaked to his skin. His mother looked at him and said, “You should have listened to your father.”

1. Tommy was going to ______.
(A) school
(B) play football
(C) play in the rain
(D) tuition class
2. His father knew it was going to rain because ______.
(A) he heard it on the radio
(B) he saw the forecast on television
(C) the sky was dark outside
(D) he read it in the newspaper
3. Tommy did not think it was going to rain because ______.
(A) the sky was cloudless
(B) the sky was full of light clouds
(C) the sky was dark
(D) he did not listen to his father
4. Tommy was in a good mood because ______.
(A) he finished all his homework
(B) he scored a goal during football
(C) he finished all his work and had a good football game
(D) it was dismissal time
5. “soaked to his skin’ means ______.
(A) his skin got thoroughly wet
(B) water is getting into his skin
(C) his skin is soaked in water
(D) his whole body is soaked in water
Answers: 1A   2D   3A   4C   5A

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