The Structure of a CSEC English A Persuasive Essay

This type of Writing may be developed as follows:
A.    Thesis Statement (The writer’s opinion on a topic)
·         Reason 1
·         Reason 2
·         Reason 3
B.     The Body
·         Reason 1: supporting details
               Connecting words and phrases
·         Reason 2: supporting details
               Connecting words and phrases
·         Reason 3: supporting details
               Connecting words and phrases
C.    The Conclusion
·         Summing up of the three reasons
·         Why they support the thesis statement

The Structure of A Persuasive Essay

[Most high school students feel that the school dress code should be altered to allow them to wear sneakers as a part of their uniform.] Thesis Statement They have many reasons for this but [three of them are that sneakers are comfortable; they are readily  available and are in style.] Three reasons These are all good reasons for students wishing to wear them.
[Who has not suffered blistering from heels or a pinched toe in a new pair of leather shoes?] Reason 1 [Who has not been late for school in the morning searching for shoe polish and brush to pass perfect inspection? Finally, leather  shoes are a handicap in lunchtime box football matches.] Supporting details
[Moreover,] connective word sneakers are readily available in every shoe store or even on street corners.] Reason 2 [Sneakers are popular gifts from overseas relatives to send to you. Even fathers consider sneakers a suitable gift to bring back from travels abroad.] Supporting details
[Finally,] connective word sneakers are stylish] Reason 3 [Everyone knows the popular colour, the popular brand, the popular design. It is possible to get a pair of sneakers to match every uniform colour. Sneakers fit every purpose: walking, running or playing.] Supporting details
[No wonder high school students want to wear their sneakers instead of leather shoes.] Conclusion [They are comfortable, readily available and are right up to the minute in style.] Restatement of the thesis [To a teenager, there is no question-give them their sneakers] Clincher

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