CSEC English A -Sample Expository Past Paper Question-Paper 2 Exam

(Suggested time: 35 minutes)
You MUST answer this question.

Write your answer on the RULED PAGES provided, pages 8 and 9.  There may be more space than you need.

2. Study the situation presented below and then answer the question that follows.

You purchased an item from a supermarket.  On arrival home, you noticed that the expiry date had passed. You attempted to return the item but you were told that it was on sale and the manager refused to give you a refund or replacement. Write a letter to a consumer protection group or the editor of a newspaper in which you complain about the quality of the product and treatment which you received.

Your answer will be assessed on how well you

 formatted your letter
 selected relevant and complete information
 organized and expressed the information in your letter
 used appropriate grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.

Your letter MUST be in continuous prose. Make sure to include all the details that would help in highlighting the matter.  Your letter should include:

 Details of the complaint, for example:

– Date and time of purchase
– Cost of the item
– Specific condition of the item
– Response of staff

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