Sample Narrative Writing Exam Questions- CSEC English A Paper 2



(Suggested time:  45 minutes)
You MUST answer ONE question from this section.
Your answer should be approximately 400 to 450 words in length.
You MUST write in Standard English.  However, dialect may be used in conversation.

Write your answer on the RULED PAGES provided, pages 13 – 16.  You are expected to write within the word limit.

In your answer, you will be assessed on how well you

(a) used the stimulus provided
(b) developed and organized the content of your writing
(c) used language appropriate to your audience, purpose and content
(d) used appropriate grammar, sentence structure, paragraphs, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.



3. Write a story based on the picture below.
Free Photo of a Man in a Gray Shirt Looking Over His Shoulder Stock Photo
                                                                                                                                (25 marks)


4. She held her son close by her side as she walked quickly along the narrow road.  This was the moment.

Write a story which includes these words.

(25 marks)