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 Tattoos are permanent markings which have been around from the beginning of civilization.

 They were brought to the Caribbean from Africa, China and India, but the Amerindians wore them even before.
 They were used by people in the Caribbean for religious, ethnic and cultural purposes
 Over the years they came to be personal expressions identified with rebellion and deviance.
 Attitudes have changed towards tattoos and today they have become acceptable as marks of uniqueness and difference.

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      From the beginning of civilization tattoos and other body markings have been marks of identification, spiritual protection and decoration. 
       Tattoos are permanent markings which vary greatly and can be personally very revealing.  A tattoo is an instant of your life etched forever on you for the world to see. 
       Tattoos and other body markings were characteristic of the Amerindians of the Caribbean as well as of the Africans, Chinese and Indians who came there.  For all these people they had cultural, spiritual and ethnic significance. 
       Over the centuries tattoos and other body markings have changed back and forth from group significance to individual significance, presenting a daily image of difference and uniqueness.
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