Things Fall Apart Guided Reading Questions

Things Fall Apart Guided Reading Questions

Chapter 1   

How was Okonkwo’s identity in the village formed? Give some details of Okonkwo’s  physical identity.
How would Okonkwo describe a successful man?
Describe Unoka. In whose eyes was he a failure? Was he a starving artist? pacifist?
Compare Unoka and Okonkwo.

Chapter 2  

Describe some of the traditions and rituals.
How is justice brought upon the tribal people? Who decides?
How did Ikemefuna come to Umuofia?
How did Okonwko rule his household?
Okonkwo’s life was dominated by fear. Describe the fear that dominated his life.  
For Okonkwo is gentleness a weakness? Explain
Describe Ikemefuna.

Chapter 3  

Describe Okonkwo’s childhood.
Where do people go to obtain advice for troubles? the future?
What ritual surrounded seeing the Oracle?
What advice did the Oracle give to Okonkwo’s father?
How are diseased/dying people treated in the tribe? How are they buried?
What privileges are given to a man’s first wife?
What was needed to approach Nwakibie for some yams?

Chapter 4  

Okonkwo had no patience for less successful men.
Does hard work deserve success?
How did the Ibo judge a person?
At one point, Okonkwo says that affection is a sign of weakness. Do you agree?
How did Okonkwo break the Week of Peace?
What emphasis is placed on the “gods” in the tribe?

Chapter 5  

Who was the most important god, Ani? (Judge of morality/conduct)
Describe the New Yam Festival.
Why was Okonkwo fond of Ezinma?

Chapter 6

What do you think is the significance of the wrestling matches?

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