Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Guided Reading Questions


Chapter 1

• How was Okonkwo’s identity in the village formed? Give some details of Okonkwo’s physical identity.
• How would Okonkwo describe a successful man?
• Describe Unoka. In whose eyes was he a failure? Was he a starving artist? pacifist?
• Compare Unoka and Okonkwo.

Chapter 2

• Describe some of the traditions and rituals.
• How is justice brought upon the tribal people? Who decides?
• How did Ikemefuna come to Umuofia?
• How did Okonkwo rule his household?
• Okonkwo’s life was dominated by fear. Describe the fear that dominated his life.
• For Okonkwo is gentleness a weakness? Explain
• Describe Ikemefuna.

Chapter 3

• Describe Okonkwo’s childhood.
• Where do people go to obtain advice for troubles? the future?
• What ritual surrounded seeing the Oracle?
• What advice did the Oracle give to Okonkwo’s father?
• How are diseased/dying people treated in the tribe? How are they buried?
• What privileges are given to a man’s first wife?
• What was needed to approach Nwakibie for some yams?

Chapter 4

• Okonkwo had no patience for less successful men.
• Does hard work deserve success?
• How did the Ibo judge a person?
• At one point, Okonkwo says that affection is a sign of weakness. Do you agree?
• How did Okonkwo break the Week of Peace?
• What emphasis is placed on the “gods” in the tribe?

Chapter 5

• Who was the most important god, Ani? (Judge of morality/conduct)
• Describe the New Yam Festival.
• Why was Okonkwo fond of Ezinma?

Chapter 6

• What do you think is the significance of the wrestling matches?

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