Questions based on God’s Grandeur


1. Using your own words, express in about two to three lines the theme of the poem.

2. State the central contrast which this poem presents between God and man.
Explain it fully with reference to specific details.

3. Select one metaphor used in the poem and show how it is expanded.

4. Identify the lines in which the poet expresses:
(a) disgust 
(b) hope

5. Explain in your own words the meaning of the following lines:
(a) Why do men now not reck his rod?
(b) And for all this, nature is never spent.

6. The poet uses the following devices. Select one example of each and comment
on its effect:-
(a) Simile 
(b) Alliteration 
(c) Compression 
(d) Repetition

7. State the effectiveness of using any ONE of the above devices.