Sample English B Paper 2 Questions

(Edited 2011 past paper question)

For this question, 25 marks is allocated for content and argument, 10 marks is allocated for language, organization and competence in the mechanics of writing.

Choose TWO poems that you have studied, in which something or someone is admired.

In an essay, describe what or who is admired. Additionally, identify and discuss how the poet uses ONE poetic device in EACH poem to show this admiration. Finally, examine which poem you find more appealing in its presentation of admiration.



(2012 mock exam paper)

“Telling a story in poetic form can make it especially enjoyable.”

Choose TWO poems that you have studied that tell stories and in an essay outline the story in each poem.  Examine why EACH poet find it important to tell this particular story. Also, discuss ONE device that EACH poet uses to make the story enjoyable.


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