Tips for Answering Multiple Choice Comprehension Questions


1. Read the passage more than once to ensure that you understand it fully.

2. Look at the questions after you feel that the passage is clear to you.

3. Make sure you understand the instruction clearly. 
    For example, should you choose the best answer, or are you supposed to be identifying an      alternative that is false?

4. Pay attention to every detail in the question.

5. Read each question as if you had to answer it without choosing from a list of alternative answers.

6. Try to answer the question first without looking at the list of choices.

7. If you know the answer, select it from the list of choices and move on.

8. If you don’t know the answer, look at the choices and use the process of elimination to narrow   down choices.

9. Verify whether or not there is an “all of the above” or “none of the above” choice before selecting    your first choice answer.

10. Use the true/false technique to help you select between two similar answers. (Translate the question into a statement with each of the possible answers, and select one that is true.)

11. If you are not sure about an answer leave the question and then come back to it.

12. Do not leave any questions blank.