Questions based on ‘Le Loupgarou’


1. What comparison is implied in the first line of the poem?
b.Why do you think it is appropriate?
c. Show how the comparison is extended in the second line. 2. “A curious tale that threaded through the town//Through greying women sewing under eaves”20 What special features of sound do you observe in these two lines? 3. What is suggested about the cause of Le Brun’s ruin? 4. How is Le Brun described? 5. Who are “these Christian Witches”? 6. How did the graying women” react when Le Brun approached? 7. What do you think was the bargain Le Brun made?
b. With whom was this bargain made? 8. What particular incident do “these witches” relate about Le Brun? 9. Which line tells us that the story of Le Brun was well-known? 10. Look at the movement in these two expressions: “slowly shutting jalousies”, “taptapping cane”. What do you find striking about each? 11. Give the meaning of the following as they are used in the poem: curious, slavering lycanthrope, hot on a scent, lugged its entrails.