1. Describe the feeling or mood at the beginning of the poem.
(b) Give a reason for the mood. 2. What does the word “shoulder-high” suggest in (a) Stanza one (b) Stanza two? 3. The poem is about
(a) A renowned runner
(b) A promising athlete
(c) Reflections on an athlete dying young. 4. “The road all runners come” suggests
(a) the route taken by all runners
(b) the path leading to death
(c) the road in which athletes compete. 5. Why does the poet refer to the athlete as “smart lad”? 6. “Eyes that shady might has shut” suggests
(a) the deep sleep of the athlete.
(b) the eternal sleep of the athlete
(c) tried eyes. 7. Give the meaning of “its echoes fade”.19 8. Why do you think the “laurel” in Stanza seven remains unwithered? 9. The poet’s attitude in the poem is one of
(a) acceptance (b) protest (c) anger (d) joy 10. The message that the poet wants to convey is
(a) athletes should die young.
(b) honour and glory are worn out by time.
(c) athletes are recognized only after they die.

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