Sample CSEC English B Poetry Exam Questions- 2017


2.      In the poems ‘West Indies, USA’ and ‘South’ life in the Caribbean islands is compared with life in the so called First World.
a.       Explain the situation in which the speaker in EACH poem finds himself  (7 marks)
b.      In EACH poem, show how the speaker suggests to us:
                                                          i.            the negative aspects of life in the North.                               (5 marks)
                                                        ii.            the freedom enjoyed by people in the islands.                       (5 marks)
c.       Giving your reasons, say which of the two poems you find more convincing in its argument that life in the islands is better than life in the more developed parts of the world.  (8 marks)            TOTAL-  35 MARKS
3.      Choose TWO poems from the prescribed list in which the setting or environment is used to portray the message.
a.       For EACH poem describe the setting or environment.  (8 marks)
b.      Compare the use of imagery or diction in EACH poem in portraying the message. (9 marks)
c.       Identify and discuss an effective device used by EACH poet to highlight the setting or environment.                                                                                                 (8 marks)
                            TOTAL- 35 MARKS