The Lion and the Jewel Sample Essay Questions


For each question in Sections A, B and C, in addition to 25 marks indicated for content and argument, a maximum of 10 marks are also allocated for structure, development and competence. 
1.      Why does Sidi refuse to agree to get married without a bride-price being paid? (8 marks)
a.       What are the arguments Lakunle uses to explain why he would not accept the custom of paying a bride price?  (8 marks)
b.      Explain Sidi’s reaction to these arguments? (4 marks)
c.       Discuss the irony of the situation at the end of the play?  (5 marks)
2.      Sidi, having been told of Baroka’s ‘impotence’, is quite confident when she goes to his bedroom. She is prepared to tease him and even to sneer at him.

a.       Discuss THREE things that Baroka says or does to shake her confidence and win her respect. (15 marks)
b.      Explain TWO things he does to throw her off balance and eventually seduce her. (10 marks)
                                    TOTAL MARKS= 35
Resource text: Carlong English B for CSEC