Ti- Jean and His Brothers Plot Overview


Act 1

Gros-Jean has decided to leave home to make his own way in the world. Although his mother tries to give him advice about protecting himself from the devil; he disregards her advice by stating, ‘I knows all of this already’. This indicates that he believes that he knows best. We see that he has no respect for nature (kicking the frog and cursing the small critters) although his mother suggests that he should.

To Gros-Jean physical strength equals power (I have an iron fist). Therefore, he is now a man who can make is own fortunes instead he kicks leaves his mother and heads

Gros-Jean believes brut force is the solution to all his problems. This is seen when he attacks the Old Man. Gros-Jean want a shortcut to success so the Old Man advices him to go and work for the White Planter (the Devil).

The twist to the plot is that Gros-Jean agrees to work for the Devil; however if he gets angry the agreement states the devil can eat him. The Devil provokes Gros-Jean by calling him several names and insisting he goes back to work. Gros- Jean finally explodes in anger. The scene ends with the devil consuming him.

Act 2

Similarly, Mi-Jean leaves home and like his brother he disrespects nature like his brother Gros-Jean. This results in Mi-Jean not talking the warnings of the creatures, especially to avoid the Old Man. We see the Old Man’s cunning when he pretends to have visual problems. Like his brother Mi-Jean is also arrogant. He believes his intellectual abilities surpasses all others. Therefore, he believes he can outsmart the devil.

He too goes to work for the devil (the planter); however, he refuses to speak. Once again the devil uses weakness to destroy the brother.

Act 3

Like his brothers before him, Ti-Jean leaves home to go an conquer the Devil. Unlike his brothers, he is able to outsmart the Devil by allowing him to experience a range of emotions.

Ti-jean begs the devil for the life of Bolom and his wish his granted. Bolom is born.

Ti-Jean incites rebellion against the planter and his plantation.


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