The SBA Artefacts/Stimuli/Data Explained


This video will explain the different types of artefacts you can collect to complete the SBA Reflection.


6 thoughts on “The SBA Artefacts/Stimuli/Data Explained”

  1. What are some tips to keep in mind when researching artefacts? (Egs. To ensure that they are not opinionated(
    And also, do my artefacts HAVE TO make reference to Jamaica? Do they have to be based on Jamaica? For exple, my topic is, “Does the Modeling Industry celebrate true beauty”

    1. Hi Malia!!!

      First of all, I love the questions that you asked. To answer your question: I would say ensure you stay away from fake news. Therefore, you have to validate your sources to ensure that they are credible. Also, distinguish between facts and opinions.

      Based on your topic I would say no. Your artefacts/stimuli does not have to be based on Jamaica. If you were focusing on Jamaica only then yes it would have to be focused on Jamaica.

      It all depend on your topic. I hope I answered your questions.

  2. hi, question so the three artifacts are the format in which I choose to portray my point of view in?

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