Updated English A and B SBA Overview


Each student will create a Portfolio on an issue/topic/theme/event selected by the students in the group and approved by the teacher. The issue/topic/theme/event will also be orally presented. The issue/topic/theme/event selected should allow for meaningful research and presentation.

The Portfolio should include the following:

1. PLAN OF INVESTIGATION – an introduction to the issue/topic/theme/event (A satisfactory response should be no more than 100 words).

(a) Why did you choose this issue/topic/theme/event?

(b) What are the expected benefits to you as a student of English?

(c) How do you intend to collect relevant information on your issue/topic/theme/event and use this in your presentation?

2. PARTICIPATION MEASURE – A measure of the candidate’s individual participation assessed by self and teacher.

3. INDICATORS OF GROUP ACTIVITY – A minimum of THREE pieces of material, for example, print, audio, visual media must be collected and presented in the Portfolio and should address the issue/topic/theme/event selected. One of the three pieces must be print.

These pieces will form the basis for the process of enquiry and group work activities (cognitive, psychomotor, affective) in which students will become aware of and practise English language skills.

  1. REFLECTION – THREE entries in which the student reflects on the issue/topic/ theme/event selected should be completed.

In the first entry the student must indicate how each piece of data helped shape his or her thinking about the issue/topic/ theme/event.

The second entry should discuss the use of language in the material selected

The third entry should state how the process of doing the SBA helped the student to become a better person. The reflection should be written in class under the teacher’s supervision.

  1. WRITTEN REPORT – A written report of the investigation should be a summary of the processes, procedures and outcomes of the research. It should include the material collected, reasons for selection and analysis of the material. A satisfactory report should be about 250- 300 words in total.
  1. ORAL PRESENTATION – A personal response related to issue/topic/ theme/ event should be delivered orally in 3 to 5 minutes.

The oral presentation should be delivered predominately in standard English and in a genre of the student’s choosing, for example, drama, poetry, prose, role play, speech, argument, exposition.

The student should deliver a brief overview of the presentation including the genre chosen, the sources used and a comment on the kind of language used in the data.

A brief plan of the Oral Presentation must be submitted in the Portfolio.

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