Expository Writing on the CSEC 2018-2023 Exam


We have a basic ideas of the types of writing that will be on the CSEC English A exam. We also know what  is Expository Writing. So today, we are going to explore the types of Expository Writing on the January 2018-2023  exam paper. In order to do this, we are going to refer the syllabus (please note that  reference is taken from the updated and original versions of the syllabus).

The syllabus refers to Expository writing as Informative Discourse (pages  13-17 old syllabus) and (pages 8-14 in the updated syllabus).  The topics listed below are based on the activities that are listed on the before mentioned informative discourse pages .

  • Business Letters
  • Report Writing
  • Statistical Report
  • Job Applications
  • Expository Essays
  •  Writing
    • Minutes
    • Notices
    • Emails
  • Completing forms

It is important to not that this post makes reference to Section B of the CSEC English A Paper 2. This section is marked out of 30 marks.

Marks are allocated as follows:

  1. Content- 10 marks
  2. Organization of Content- 10 marks
  3. Language Usage, Mechanics- 10 marks


The rubric is as follows:



Come back tomorrow as be explore all of the listed expository writing topics and provide sample questions.

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