Symbolism in Ti-Jean and His Brothers


Symbols and Symbolism Defined

A symbol in literature is something that represents something else. There symbolism is a figure of speech where an object, person, or situation has another meaning other than its literal meaning.

 Symbolism in the Play

A major theme is colonialism, and each brother represents a phase of opposition towards colonial rule Gros-Jean represents strength against the opposition, but the devil represents colonial oppressor.

Mi-Jean represents intelligence against the opposition,Ti-Jean represents belief in God, common sense, and taking advice from other people, like his animal friends. 

The Devil and the many masks he wears represent colonial oppression.

Bolom represents the community that wouldn’t be born, and when he is born, it represents the community that can come to be Morality— faith in God is better than strength and intelligence, Ti-Jean is compared to David


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