Writing a Job Application Letter

A Job/Application Letter is also a business letter which means the structure of this letter is similar to other Business Letter Format (click the link to review the format).
This type of letter can be referred to as a job letter, cover letter or an application letter. All of these names are used to refer to a letter that is attached to your resume’/curriculum vitae when you are applying for a job.
The purpose of an application letter is to market your skills and ability to your prospective employer. Therefore, their first impression of you will come from your letter. As such, it is essential that your letter is error free, concise and well structured. 
With this in mind, we are going to explore the type of information that should be included in the body of the letter.  Your body of the letter can be three to for paragraphs.

Body of the Letter 

Paragraph 1: State the job you are  applying for and where it was advertised and the date. 
Paragraphs 2-3: State why you would like to work for the company. Highlight what you have to offer the employer , state your experience and skills and say why you are a good fit for the job.   For each skill or quality you mention you can also provide a specific example.
Paragraph 4: Say thank you to prospective employer for considering you and note how you will follow up.

Sample Application Letters


Market Yourself
  • Your application letter is your marketing tool. This means that you are selling  your skills, experience and setting yourself a part from the other applicants. 
Include Key Points
  • Always include key terms/ points/ phrases that your employers are looking for. All employers are looking for employees that are ‘motivated’, ‘team players’, ‘excellent communicators’, ‘driven’, ‘result oriented’, ‘experts’, ‘organized’, ‘pays attention to detail’ and ‘efficient’. These are just a few of the key terms that you can include.
Keep it Short
  • Try and make your letter only one page because an employer is more likely to remember a letter that is concise.
  • Always edit/proofread your application letter multiple times before sending it top a prospective employer.   One simple error can cause you not to get the job.


2 thoughts on “Writing a Job Application Letter”

  1. This is so helpful especially for the me who will be writing the 2021 CSEC tomorrow. Thank you CSEC Made Easy. You helped me for both English A and B. Much appreciated ☺

  2. This is so helpful especially for me who will be writing the 2021 CSEC tomorrow. Thank you CSEC Made Easy. You helped me for both English A and B. Much appreciated ☺

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