Breath Eyes Memory Chapters 10-12 Questions- CSEME PRO


Chapter 10

  1. Why can’t Martine bear to stay in Haiti too long?
  2. What advice does Martine give Sophie when she asks about liking someone?
  3. Does Sophie tell Martine about Joseph? What does she tell her?
  4. What does Martine think is the difference between the values of old and new Haitians regarding money and status?
  5. What does Martine say is the difference between success in Haiti and America?
  6. Why does Martine have nightmares?


Chapter 11

  1. What happens between Sophie and Joseph?
  2. What does Sophie’s mother tell her when Sophie returns home?
  3. What is the meaning of the Marassa parable?


Chapter 12

  1. How does Sophie treat Joseph?
  2. What is the meaning of the butterfly parable?
  3. How does Sophie bring an end to her mother’s testing? What does her mother do?
  4. What does Sophie do with Joseph?

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