Breath Eyes Memory Chapters 13-17 Questions- CSEME PRO


Chapter 13

  1. Where is Sophie? Where is she going? Why does she get to sit with the driver?
  2. Why does Louise want to sell her pig?
  3. How are Louise and Atie related?
  4. What does Sophie do in the United States?
  5. What is Sophie’s full name? How old is she?

Chapter 14

  1. What has Atie learned to do in Sophie’s absence?
  2. Has Sophie’s mother, Martine, met Brigitte?
  3. What does Ifé mean when she says, “that we can visit with all our kin, simply by looking into this face”?

Chapter 15

  1. Why does Ifé always wear black?
  2. How does Ifé feel about Atie’s reading lessons?
  3. What poem does Atie recite to Sophie? Why?
  4. Why does Sophie wonder if Brigitte will inherit some of her problems?

Chapter 16

  1. What is the significance of Erzulie?
  2. What do you learn about Martine’s disease?

Chapter 17

  1. What is the maché?
  2. What does Louise do?
  3. What happens to Dessalines, the coal vendor?
  4. What is Ifé hinting at about Atie when she talks to Sophie?

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