Breath Eyes Memory Chapters 4-6 Questions-CSEME PRO


Chapter 4

  1. Why is Atie working so hard?
  2. What is the significance of the note stuck to the kettle? Can Atie read it?
  3. Why does Atie say, “Crabs don’t make papayas”, when talking about Martine, Sophie’s mother?
  4. Does Sophie have any really close friends? Why, or why not?


Chapter 5

  1. Why do Atie and Sophie travel to Port-au-Prince?
  2. What is happening in Port-au-Prince when they arrive?
  3. What does Sophie’s last name, Caco, mean in Creole?
  4. How does Sophie get to the United States?
  5. Why is the boy who initially sits next to Sophie so angry and upset?


Chapter 6

  1. How does Martine’s appearance compare to Atie’s?
  2. What is Martine’s economic status?
  3. Who is Lotus? What does she have to do with Atie?
  4. Why does Martine keep a doll?
  5. What does Sophie notice for the first time when she looks at herself in a picture?
  6. How did Atie explain to Sophie that she had no father?

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