Breath Eyes Memory Chapters 7-9 Questions- CSEME PRO


Chapter 7

Simple Guided Reading Questions

  1. Where is Flatbush Avenue?
  2. Why does Martine tell Sophie that she needs to learn English quickly?
  3. What does Martine buy from Jacqueline at the Haitian beauty salon?
  4. Who is Marc Chevalier?
  5. What happens at the Haitian restaurant in Asbury Park, New Jersey? Does Marc like the food?

Chapter 8

  1. How many jobs does Martine have? What kinds of jobs are they?
  2. What does Sophie do while her mother is working?
  3. How did Martine meet Marc?
  4. What does Martine ask Sophie about her relationships to boys? What does she tell her about the test Ifé used to perform?
  5. How did Martine become pregnant with Sophie?

Chapter 9

  1. How much time has passed? What is Sophie about to do?
  2. What was Sophie’s high school experience like?
  3. Who is Joseph? What does he do? How old is he?
  4. How do Joseph’s beliefs on the American view of young adult responsibility differ from the Haitian view?
  5. What does Joseph want his relationship with Sophie to become?

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