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1. The frolicking youngsters hurled snowballs at one another with gay abandon.

 (A)desertion  (B)happiness   (C) unrestraint


2. Mr. Robinson is acknowledged as the best violin maker in the whole country.

(A)accepted (B) noticed  (C) recognized


3. The people responded generously to the Red Cross Society’s appeal for aid to the flood victims.

(A)attraction (B)petition   (C) request


4. The new taxes imposed on luxury goods were intended to augment the government’s income.

(A)enhance (B) increase   (C)intensify


5. The management and the union leaders eventually struck a bargain over wage increases for the workers.

(A) agreement (B)contract   (C)negotiate


6. It was indeed disappointing that the newly-appointed principal was only capable of making a few bland comments on the value of education.

(A)suave   (B)tasteless   (C) uninteresting


7. It was a blatant abuse of power by the minister when he threw the accused into jail without trial.

(A) flagrant   (B)gaudy   (C)obvious


8. With no money and no job, my prospects seemed bleak.

(A)barren (B)discouraging  (C)depressing


9. The remuneration offered was not commensurate with his qualifications and experience, nevertheless Mr. Dickson was willing to give the new job a try.

(A) proportionate   (B)sufficient   (C)appropriate


10. The young couple were married in church out of deference to their parents’ wishes.

(A)obedience  (B)respect   (C)submissiveness


11. They have very elaborate plans for the whole operation.

(A)detailed  (B)complex   (C)ornate


12. It is foolish to depend on someone who is as fickle as the weather.

(A)flighty   (B)unpredictable  (C)variable


13. The excuse he gave was extremely flimsy.

(A)delicate  (B)thin  (C)weak


14. The people in our country strongly condemn terrorism and terrorists will get no countenance here.

(A)weapons  (B)support  (C)information


15. With modern and sophisticated machines, the factory’s productivity improved by leaps and bounds.

       (A)advanced   (B)cultivated   (C)refined

ANSWERS: 1C   2C   3C   4B   5A   6C   7A   8C   9A  10B   11A   12B   13C   14B   15A


Each of the sentences given below contains one underlined word. Beneath each sentence there are four options marked A-D. Select the option which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.

  1. I was confident that I had made a good impression at my interview.

(a) relaxed (b) certain (c) secure (d) safe


   2. The woman wore a grave look on her face during the baptismal ceremony.

(a) angry (b) dignified (c) serious (d) kind


   3.His insolent behaviour has always affected the smooth functioning of the class.

(a) arrogant (b)crude (c) conceited (d) rude


   4.The new Rent Restriction Act is designed to prevent landlords charging exorbitant rents.

(a) unreasonable (b) large (c) excessive (d) extra


5. I had the strange feeling that I had seen him somewhere before.

(a) old (b) unusual (c) eccentric (d) foreign


6. Since the weather was fine it was an opportune time for me to go cycling in the countryside.

(a) healthy (b) suitable (c) interesting (d) glamorous



Each of the sentences given below contains one underlined word. Beneath each sentence there are four options marked A-D. Select the option which is opposite in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.

1.  The soil in the cassava western part of the island is ideal for planting cassava.

(a)    unacceptable   (b) unsuitable      (c) unprepared       (d) unprofitable


2.  The lawyer felt that his client had been given an unduly harsh sentence.

(a)    unnecessarily   (b) appropriately  (c) particularly    (d) sufficiently


3.  At that restaurant most people claim that the meals are very sumptuous.

(a)    appetizing         (b) sweet               (c) tasteless          (d) delectable


4.  Most of the fifth form said they found the talks given during ‘Careers Week’, stimulating.

(a)    uninspiring        (b) depressing       (c) monotonous    (d)  dull


5.  At this time, relations between East and West are tense.

(a)    carefree            (b) casual               (c) cordial             (d) cautious


6.  The initial step was taken by men with courage and bravery.


(a)    progressive      (b) urgent               (c) final                (d) momentous

Instruction: Select the word that is opposite in meaning to the one that has been underlined.

1.The police had to disperse the crowd.

a. summon

b. huddle

c. control

d. dominate


2. The number of spectators increased when the lights came on.

a. deteriorated

b. dwindled

c. disappeared

d. dissolved


3. The witness said he will not deny the story.

a. accept

b. repeat

c. confirm

d. report


4. The government should prohibit the sale of such drugs.

a. encourage

b. promote

c. tolerate

d. allow


5. The result of the game was quite inevitable.

a. dubious

b. unsettled

c. ambiguous

d. interesting.


6. It is your duty to laud actions like that.

a. support

b. condemn

c. praise

d. defend


7. We were given a confined cabin on the lower deck.

a. open

b. unreserved

c. free

d. spacious


8. My mother was irate when I came home late from school.

a. furious

b. ecstatic

c. annoyed

d. relieved


9. Percy’s frugal ways are very alarming.

a. economical

b. extravagant

c. understanding

d. controlling


10. His illicit actions resulted in his arrest.

a. illegal

b. undercover

c. violent

d. law


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