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Below is the livestream that was done on the CSEC English Youtube channel and along with the sample that was typed in the livestream.



Reference Text: Gangadeen, H et al, A Complete English Course for Secondary Schools Book 4, Revised Edition, 2004 , pg 194

Pitbulls (a genetically engineered breed of dogs) have created great controversy worldwide. These dogs have been reported attacking humans and other animals, sometimes fatally. There have been several fatal attacks in the Caribbean. As a result, the public has mixed feelings about the ownership of pitbulls.

Write a letter to the editor in which you present the arguments that people are more important than animals.


87 Jones Street,

Spanish Town,

St. Catherine.


May 3, 2018.


John Brown,

The Editor,

The Gleaner Company,

7 North Street,

Kingston C.S.O.


Dear Mr Brown,

Put People First


It is amazing that these animal rights activists seem to care more for the lives of these ferocious man-eaters than the victims who have died or been savaged by these beasts. These people must get it through their thick heads that one human life is more important than all the dogs in the world.

They say they are simply protecting their properties by owning these dogs. They claim that ‘would be’ thieves think twice because of the reputation of these dogs. If the people own these dogs and a bandit are mauled fatally by one, then the owner should be prosecuted for murder!

Not only are these dogs relentless, they are also unpredictable. We should remember the poor granny who was fatally mauled by the two pitbulls she reared since they were pups. They turned on their masters! A breeder once told me that when they are mating, no-one should be near because anyone who interrupts the process will surely die. Yet these animals rights activists…….

Furthermore, there are other means of protecting one’s property. What about burglar proofing, alarms, neighbourhood watch groups or less ferocious or more rational dog like the Alsatian or German Shepherd? These pitbull owners will claim that security systems are expensive but a pitbull pup retails for upwards of T.T$5000.00 (breeders run lucrative businesses) and to properly feed one costs $400.00 a month – a security alarms costs $2000.00 and installation $500.00.

            But the most horrendous aspect of the pitbull issue is the utter contempt the owners have for the general public. What about the poor 6 year old who was attacked in Trincity because the owner saw it fit to train his pitbulls in a public park? What about those young men who nonchalantly ‘parade’ their dogs on afternoons with weak leashes? What about those owners who don’t have fences around their homes but tie their pitbulls outsides with all manners of ‘chains’ which are ineffective against the animals’ raw strength? Are these people really concerned for human life?

In conclusion, we must all realize the pitbulls are dangerous to human life. Passing legislation to regulate their ownership is not the answer. Having them neutered is not the answer. Those in existence should be humanely put down and their breed banned altogether. If those who support pitbulls can’t see this, then as a society, we have truly gone to the dogs!



James Dean (Mr.)

Concerned Citizen





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