Auxiliary Verbs Exercise



Fill in the blank with the correct auxiliary verb from the choices presented:
  1. What ________________ the kids doing when you last saw them? (was, were, are, did, been)
  2. Carla ________________ always wanted to try skydiving. (was, doesn’t, has, is, have)
  3. Where __________________ you go on your summer vacation? (were, been, are, did, does)
  4. Why do you think she __________ call you like she said she would? (didn’t, is, hasn’t, has been, have)
  5. Mary _____________ going to be upset when she hears what happened. (will, don’t, is, didn’t, has)
  6. Jeremy _____________ want to go to the movies; he wants to stay home instead. (doesn’t, isn’t, wasn’t, hasn’t, was not)
  7. I _________________ appreciate his jokes. They weren’t funny. (did, have, been, didn’t, haven’t)
  8. I really like fish but I _______________ care for meat. (weren’t, been, don’t, is, was)
  9. Where _____________ you going when I saw you last night? (were, was, is, do, did)
  10. Tara ________________ called yet; she’s late as usual. (are, were, has, hasn’t, wouldn’t)

Answers can be found at the beginning of this video-

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