Stative Verbs Exercise


Stative Verb Exercises

Complete each sentence using the stative verb from the parenthesis:

  1. Do you _________ the answer? (depend on, know, include)
  2. Jim _________ dessert every day. (has, eats, possesses)
  3. I _________ good about the race’s outcome. (am, were, feel)
  4. She _________ her mother. (imagines, resembles, walks with)
  5. Do you _________ they will win? (think, involve, promise)
  6. They really _________ everything you did for them. (include, appreciate, dislike)
  7. I think the teacher was _________ with my speech. (involved, measured, satisfied)
  8. Can you _________ the coffee brewing? (feel, smell, dislike)
  9. I still _________ a lot of money on my student loans. (deserve, owe, involve)
  10. You _________ more shoes than anyone else I know! (dislike, suppose, have)



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