How to Write an Argumentative Essay- CSEC English Section D


Just imagine being in a discussion with your friends and you have to argue something amicably. In this case, you have to state and explain your position. This is what an argumentative essay is all about. It explains with evidence why you take a particular stand. At the end of the essay, the reader should be able to think the way you do.

Generally, an argumentative essay should have these three sections:
The introduction– Usually the first paragraph.

The arguments– Form the body of your essay and is usually the second, third, and fourth paragraph.

The conclusion– Usually the fifth and last paragraph.

Clearly, a simple argumentative essay should have 5 paragraphs. Now let’s look at what to include in each section.

The Introduction
The introduction is supposed to inform the reader beforehand what your position is in as far as the topic is concerned. It includes three main things:

The hook– This is the first sentence in the introduction that is meant to capture the attention of the reader. For example, if the topic is about taking an insect diet, you can start by saying: “Say goodbye to chicken and fish and prepare yourself for crickets.”

The background– This requires you to give some basics about your hook. Simply, answer why you have decided to talk about the subject.

The thesis– This is the last sentence in your introduction and is meant to state what your position is in reference to the topic.

• Your Three Points– You need to list three claims that you’ll cover in the body and use the word ‘should’ to show that you’ve taken a position early before the arguments.

Your Arguments (the Body)
In each of the three paragraphs, you need to make a claim (a statement to support your argument) and provide evidence to support it. Then, you’ll need to express the opponent’s view and refute it. For example, if you were addressing our initial topic, you can explain why most people don’t eat crickets and refute their views by arguing why it’s misguided.

Your Conclusion
The last paragraph of your argumentative essay should accomplish these two major tasks:
Restate your introduction – to confirm that you agree with the thesis.
• Show what will happen if your argument is successfully implemented or is totally neglected.

Final Thought:
With the above tips, you should be able to write an argumentative essay that is informative and convincing. Put them into practice and see how easy it is to outline and develop your opinions.

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