‘My Parents’ Poetry Questions

  1. Who do you think the ‘rough boys’ were?
  2. Which of the activities of the rough children do you think Stephen envied?
  3. Which of the activities hurt him:
    1. Physically
    2. Emotionally
  4. What clues can you find in the poem that suggest that the rough children were healthy?
  5. What you understand by “ourworld” in line 11. Briefly state how it would differ from the world of the rough boys.
  6. What hint is there of the author’s religious upbringing?
  7. Why did it fail him in practice?
  8. Do you think his parents were right in their attitude to the rough children? Give reasons for your answer.
  9. What do you think is meant by:
    1. Threw like words like stones
    2. Stripped by country streams
    3. Salt coarse pointing
  10. What word in verse 3 suggests that the author’s real feelings were being controlled?
  11. Suggest a title for the poem that sums up its theme.


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