English A Vocabulary Development Activity 1


Read the following paragraph and use the words below to fill in the blank spaces.


enjoy// admire// known// things //activities //pleasure// common// occupy

Hobbies are ___1___ that people carry out during their free time. Lots of people have hobbies to ___2___ their time and these hobbies give them great pleasure. Some of the more ___3___ hobbies are reading, stamp-collecting and dancing. These are hobbies that both the young and old ___4___. There are, however, some hobbies which we would think that only children would take up but are also taken up by adults. One of them is doll-collecting. Adults collect dolls because they ___5___ them. They also keep the dolls carefully because they do not want the dolls’ condition to deteriorate.


Answers: 1. activities   2. occupy   3. common   4. enjoy   5. admire


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