English A Vocabulary Development Activity 2


Read the following paragraph and use the words below to fill in the blank spaces.


noise// rarely// warning// popular//attention// notice// certainly// famous

The van was parked across the street. Nobody paid any ___1___ to it as it looked just like any other van. Mr Bernard ___2___ did not notice it as he went about his way. It was his free day and he was out with his wife. He ___3___ got to spend time with her as he was such a busy man. Being a ___4___ scientist was not easy. As they chatted, they did not notice the van slowly driving up towards them. Suddenly, without any ___5___ the van’s side door slid open and a hand emerged. It grabbed the scientist and dragged him into the van. The van then sped off, leaving his wife in shock. 

Answers: 1. attention   2. certainly   3. rarely   4. famous   5. warning

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