English A Vocabulary Development Activity 3


Read the following paragraph and use the words below to fill in the blank spaces.


amazement// just// start// afford // warned//   trouble// rushed // dismay

The day did not ___1___ well for Greg. He had woken up late and had to rush through his bath and breakfast. He could not ___2___ to be late again as he had already been ___3___ by the discipline master. He had been late a few times before ! He rushed out of the house, but to his ___4___, he saw the bus pulling out of the bus bay. “Oh no!” he thought to himself. He knew he was in big ___5___ ! So, he decided to run all the way to school. Luckily, he made it just in time, although he was huffing and puffing and his shirt was soaking wet.
Phew ! What a relief !


Answers: 1. start   2. afford   3. warned   4. dismay   5. trouble

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