English A Comprehension Passage Multiple Choice Questions


Read the instructions below and answer the questions that follow.
How to Treat an Eye Injury
A foreign body or dirt in the eye can cause a number of problems. It may cause an infection, damage to the eye tissue or in worst case scenarios, blindness. Most of the time, a foreign body can be removed easily, but if it is embedded you should seek medical assistance immediately.
What the victim may complain of
* pain
* itching and watering of the eye
* impaired vision What to look for
* redness of the eye
profuse tearing
What to do
1 Advise the victim to refrain from rubbing the eye but to blink a number of times. Blinking will cause the eye to water which will help to remove the foreign matter naturally. 2 Get the victim to sit down facing the light. Stand behind the victim and gently lift the eyelids. Ask the victim to roll her eyes in all directions while you try to look for the foreign body. 3 If the foreign body is spotted on the white of the eye, do the following :
i) Wet a corner of a clean handkerchief or tissue paper.
ii) Remove the foreign body by wiping it towards the outer edge of the eye. Do this gently. 4 If the foreign body is on the colored part of the eye, do not attempt to remove it because of the risk of scarring the eye tissue. 5 If you are unsuccessful in removing the foreign body, flush lukewarm water onto the eye. DO NOT use any eye bath or eye drops. 6 If the object is still lodged, cover the victim’s eye with a piece of sterile cotton pad. Secure it with adhesive tape and seek medical help.


1. Which of the following is not an indication that a foreign body is lodged in the eye ?
(A) Problem seeing
(B) Painful eye
(C) Watery eye
Puffy eye
2. Why is it not advisable to rub the eye when there is something in the eye ?
(A) The eye will not stop watering.
(B) You will not be able to open the eye.
The foreign body may injure the eye.
(D) Rubbing the eye will dislodge the foreign body.
3. Which of the following is a procedure to remove a foreign body from the eye ?
(A) Rubbing a piece of cloth over the eye.
Gently washing the eye with warm water.
(C) Squeezing a few drops of eye drops over the eye.
(D) Rubbing the eye gently to dislodge the foreign body.
4. The expression profuse tearing means
producing a lot of tears
(B) producing tears when required
(C) tearing the eye into many pieces
(D) tears flowing and stopping intermittently
5. Te word it in point number 3 refers to the
(A) corner of the eye
damp handkerchief
(C) dirt or foreign body
(D) white part of the eye
6. This medical advice is most likely found in the following except
(A) a home emergency guidebook
a journal of medical terms
(C) a guidebook for campers
(D) a health magazine

source: englishdaily626.com

Answers : 1D   2C   3B   4A   5B   6B 

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