English A Past Tense Verb Activity 2


Read the following passage carefully. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the verb in the bracket.  
  Mount Fuji is the highest volcanic mountain in Japan. It last ___1___ ( erupt ) in 1707 and has long ___2___ ( look ) upon as a sacred mountain by many Japanese.
If you ___3___ ( be ) to go to Mount Fuji, or Fujiyama as it ___4___ also ______ ( be, know ), you would see many hot springs ___5___ ( bubble ) at the foot of the mountain.

Some people, ___6___ ( believe ) in the medicinal value of the springs, ___7___ ( bathe ) in them in the hope that their illnesses will ___8___ ( cure ) by the hot water.

Many Japanese hope to climb the mountain at least once in their lives. ___9___ ( complete ) the journey on foot, as some Japanese here had done, is not an easy task.

Mount Fuji is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. It is therefore not surprising that tourists from all over the world ___10___ ( visit ) it each year. 

Answers: 1. erupted   2. been looked   3. were   4. is, known   5. bubbling   6. believing   7. bathe   8. be cured   9. Completing  10. visit  

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