Contemplation Upon a Flower Questions


Answer these Questions based on the poem, ‘Contemplation Upon Flowers’:

1. What do you think is the theme of the poem?

2. Select the qualities in the flowers that the poet admires.

3. What does the expression “that I could gallant it like you” mean?

4. “Embroidered garments” suggest

(a) the flowers are very beautiful

(b) even the most beautiful are subject to death

(c) Nature produces colorful things

(d) the petals of the flowers are adorned with a pattern

5. Why does the poet wish his life would be always spring?

6. What two lessons can the flowers teach the poet?

7. What makes it difficult for the poet to accept death?

8. The word which best describes the mood of the poet is

(a) joyful (b) sorrowful (c) pensive (d) angry

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