Email Sample Questions-CSEC ENGLISH SECTION B

  1. You have been awarded a scholarship to the University of the West Indies. You wish to obtain more information about what the scholarship covers- accommodations, courses, etc. Write an email to the University Register, Admissions requesting the information you need.   (adopted from A Comprehensive English Course)


  1. You are the captain of the football/netball team. A key member of your team has been injured and you need a replacement. Send an email to a prospective new team member in which you request him/her to join your team. In your email, outline the position he/she will play as well as any other relevant information.


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  2. To:
    Subject: Tiger Tanks Need You

    Dear Ameila,
    As you may know I am the captain for a very well known girls netball team called Tiger Tanks,you on the the other hand been at every training session and i see so much progress and potential in you. Unfortunately, one of team player Joy, had fallen really ill and is on bed rest, therefore she won’t be able to play in our semi-final games this weekend.

    We need a replacement for Goal Defense as soon as possible and I am confident you won’t disappoint me, for you play every position very well. We need your defense skills, speed and teamwork, We need you.

    Our semi-final game is Saturday 17th April,2021at the Pleasantville Arena Netball Court. I hope you consider this offer. My team and I is thrilled to have you with us. Training is this Thursday. Hope you are there!


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