Sample Short Story-Narrative Writing- Featuring Young Authors



On a windy and rainy Tuesday morning, Mary Andrew walked gingerly into the room and all eyes turned on her. She had on a red and peachy, polka-dotted dress and her bright red shoes. With every step she took her bloody red heart raced out of her chest like a racing car. Her small mind unknowingness made her had no idea what she was to expect and prayed vigorously and wholeheartedly that whatever it was wouldn’t be too traumatic.

The next morning she opened her eyes and upon two flutters of her beautifully muddy eyelids, she saw something that made her have no other choice than to release a horrifying, empathic and soul-piercing scream.

She saw dark, hazel eyes, 6ft. tall, strong man laying in her bed. She turned her back quickly looking back at her pale white stripe printed door.  Then turned around once more with great fear in her heart, hoping it was just a dream or a mistake made by her eyes.  To her disbelief this man with the great bone structure, a chiseled sexy toned body, and wavy black hair was under her red silky sheets, sleeping like a baby.  She slowly, one foot after the other, creped out of the bed.  The sheets slipped off her like water running down a wall.

The mirror which lay tiredly beside her bed showed her something else which made her quake inside. She saw her firm breast, flat stomach, curved waist, thick waist and her full nature showing as a reflection. Then suddenly the unknown male awoke with the biggest smile showing his pearly white teeth, saying, “Good Morning Sexy”.  She blazingly ran and covered her coca-cola body with the bloody red sheet and tried to run to the closest room she could find and hide there. To her dismay, she forgot to open the door to the room and hit the door falling backward.  Hitting her head on the floor upon impact, showing her brown-skinned, curved up, well-shaped body.

Upon waking up she heard her husband pulling up in the garage.  Before she could think of anything she ran and hid any evidence of another male being inside their two-bedroom apartment. Everything went quiet for a moment, fear overtook her once more when suddenly she heard the doorknob screeching with every turn and the door opened. Then she tried to position herself in a normal way, by laying head first on the bed. Then she remembered she was forgetting one thing, the unknown male sitting on her bed, getting ready to lay beside her.  She got up in a rush and pushed him out the window which was 6 ft. away from the grassy green floor. Then she ran straight back to her bed and pretended to sleep.

To her surprise, her husband came into the room, not even removing his army wear and put just ran to lie on his bed without a word. He had a sweaty smell but she paid no mind to that. She was only glad to not get caught by her ruggedly handsome and well-toned husband.  In a single moment, she gave a breath of relief but still wondered who that guy was and why he was in her bed.

by D. Burrell (CSEC STUDENT)

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