Minutes of a Meeting Explained

What are the minutes?

In a meeting, minutes are considered to be recorded documentation that is utilized to update both the attendees and non-attendees regarding what took place during a meeting. They are usually recorded by a specific individual while the meeting is taking place. The reason why minutes are recorded while a meeting is in progress is to ensure everything being discussed is captured accurately.

Purpose of Minutes

Meeting minutes serves four main purposes:
Legal protection: Minutes present the actions and decisions of company leadership and therefore they are considered as legal documents that can back-up a claim in a court of law.

They drive action: Meeting minutes usually map out a plan by directing how an action is supposed to be taken not only by who but also how, when, and why.

A formal record of a meeting: The only way to prove a meeting actually took place is by producing meeting minutes. This is the only legally and formally recognized evidence that a meeting occurred.

Accountability tool: Since the minutes clearly show who is supposed to take a certain action, it can, therefore, be used to track progress and hold the responsible individual(s) accountable for outcomes.

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How to Write Minutes Handout

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