Types of Conflict Explained


Conflict is an essential part of the plot. Within a short story or novel there may be only one central struggle or there may be one dominant struggle with many minor ones. 

What is conflict?

Conflict can be defined as the disagreement/struggle/opposition of forces which ties one incident to another and makes the plot move.

Conflict can also be defined as a disaggrement between two or more persons. 

Types of Conflict

There are two major types of conflict. These are external and internal conflict.

External Conflict – This types of conflict is a struggle with a gorce outside of one’s self. 

Examples of this are:

  • man vs man
  • man vs society
  • man vs society
  • man vs circumstances

Internal Conflict – This is a struggle within one’s self which must make some decsion, overcome pain, detail with temper or urge resistance. 

Kinds of Conflict

Man vs Man – The protagonist (leading character) struggles with his physival against other men. 

Man vs Nature –  The protagonist struggles against a force of nature or animal.

Man vs Society – The Protagonist struggles against ideas, practices or customs of other people.

Man vs cicumstances – The protagonist struggles against fate or the circumstances of life facing him.

Man vs himself – The leading character struggles with himself with his own soul, ideas of right or wrong, physical limitations, choices, etc.


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