Context Clues Multiple Choice Activity with Answers


Here’s a context clues multiple-choice quiz. Each question provides a sentence with an underlined word, and you need to choose the correct meaning of the underlined word based on the context. The correct answers are provided at the end.

1. The detective was able to discern the hidden clues and solve the mysterious case.

a. Hide
b. Understand
c. Ignore
d. Create

2. The artist used a variety of vibrant colours to create a lively and energetic painting.

a. Dull
b. Bold
c. Fading
d. Pale

3. The novel’s intricate plot kept readers guessing until the very end.

a. Simple
b. Complicated
c. Boring
d. Predictable

4. The old book had a musty smell, indicating that it had been stored in a damp place for a long time.

a. Fresh
b. Fragrant
c. Stale
d. Sweet

5. The speaker’s eloquent words captivated the audience, leaving them in awe.

a. Plain
b. Articulate
c. Confusing
d. Dull



  1. b. Understand
  2. b. Bold
  3. b. Complicated
  4. c. Stale
  5. b. Articulate

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