Poetry Comprehension Quiz with Answers


Here’s a poetry comprehension passage along with a multiple-choice quiz. Read the poem carefully and answer the questions by selecting the correct option. The correct answers are provided at the end.


Whispers of the Wind

In the quiet dusk, where the sun retires,

The wind whispers secrets, igniting fires.

Through rustling leaves and meadows wide,

It spins tales of a world, on a magical ride.


Softly it hums, a lullaby in the night,

Guiding dreams with gentle might.

It weaves through branches, a silent song,

A melody of nature that’s been sung so long.


Moonlit whispers, silver threads in the air,

Stories of love, of joy, and of despair.

The wind carries echoes, both near and far,

An eternal bard beneath the cosmic star.


  1. Where does the wind whisper secrets, igniting fires?

    a. In the morning

    b. In the quiet dusk

    c. At noon

    d. During the storm

  2. What does the wind do in the meadows?

    a. It dances

    b. It remains still

    c. It sings loudly

    d. It sleeps

  3. What does the wind guide with its gentle might?

    a. Storms

    b. Dreams

    c. Shadows

    d. Birds

  4. What is the wind’s song described as?

    a. Loud and chaotic

    b. Soft and soothing

    c. Unpleasant and harsh

    d. High-pitched and piercing

  5. What does the wind carry echoes of?

    a. Laughter

    b. Stories

    c. Whispers

    d. All of the above


  1. b. In the quiet dusk
  2. a. It dances
  3. b. Dreams
  4. b. Soft and soothing
  5. d. All of the above

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