Sample Short Story Activity – CSEC English A


Instructions: Read the story attached below and use the CSEC English A Narrative Writing Marksheme to assign a mark. Then, justify your allocation of the marks assigned,

“Whispers in the Wind”

The small village of Serenity nestled between rolling hills and ancient forests was known for its tranquility. However, the day an old woman named Elara moved into the creaky house on the outskirts, the air seemed charged with an inexplicable tension.

Elara was an enigmatic figure with silver hair that cascaded down her shoulders like a waterfall. Villagers whispered about her mysterious past, attributing strange happenings to her presence. Every evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, odd sounds echoed through the village.

Lena, a curious teenager, couldn’t resist investigating the peculiar occurrences. One moonlit night, she tiptoed through the narrow alleys, guided by the soft glow emanating from Elara’s cottage. The wind whispered secrets as she approached.

The door swung open with a faint creak, revealing the dimly lit interior. Lena hesitated but entered, driven by a mysterious force. Inside, the walls were adorned with ancient symbols, and an otherworldly aroma filled the air.

Elara sat at a worn-out wooden table, her eyes gleaming with an ageless wisdom. “You seek answers, child,” she said, her voice a melodic harmony. Lena nodded, captivated.

Elara began to weave a tale of an ancient curse that bound the village. Generations ago, a pact was broken, awakening spirits that wandered restlessly. Elara, the guardian, had arrived to fulfill an ancient prophecy, bringing peace to the tormented souls.

Lena’s heart raced as Elara handed her a small vial containing liquid moonlight. “To break the curse, sprinkle this elixir at the village’s heart when the clock strikes midnight,” Elara whispered.

Determined, Lena embarked on a clandestine mission, navigating the labyrinthine paths to reach the village square. As the clocktower chimed, she sprinkled the elixir, watching as a serene glow enveloped the surroundings.

The air shifted, and the whispers transformed into ethereal laughter. The spirits, released from their eternal anguish, ascended like mist into the night sky. Serenity was reborn.

The following morning, the sun bathed the village in a warm embrace, and the once apprehensive villagers felt a newfound peace. Elara, her task complete, vanished into the winds, leaving behind a grateful community.

As time passed, the tale of Lena and the mysterious guardian became folklore, a reminder that sometimes, salvation arrives in the form of whispers in the wind.


Here’s an outline for the sample short story “Whispers in the Wind”:

  1. Introduction/Exposition:

    • Introduction of the tranquil village of Serenity.
    • Arrival of the mysterious Elara.
    • Establishment of the village’s unease with Elara’s presence.
  2. Rising Action:

    • Introduction of Lena, a curious teenager.
    • Lena’s decision to investigate the mysterious occurrences.
    • Lena’s discovery of Elara’s cottage and the strange symbols.
  3. Conflict:

    • Elara reveals the ancient curse afflicting the village.
    • Lena’s decision to break the curse and bring peace to the spirits.
  4. Climax:

    • Lena’s clandestine mission to the village square.
    • Sprinkling of the elixir at the heart of the village.
    • The transformation of the atmosphere and the release of spirits.
  5. Falling Action:

    • The spirits ascended into the night sky.
    • The village bathed in a serene glow.
    • The sense of peace returning to Serenity.
  6. Resolution/Denouement:

    • The following morning, the village was in a warm embrace of sunlight.
    • Elara’s disappearance into the winds.
    • The village transformed, with a sense of gratitude and peace prevailing.

This outline helps illustrate how the narrative unfolds, highlighting key points in each stage of the story. Remember, the specific details and structure may vary depending on the requirements of the CSEC English A exam and the unique elements you choose to include in your short story.

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