Sentence Completion Multiple Choice Activity with Answers


Here’s a multiple-choice sentence completion quiz. Each sentence has a blank, and you need to choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentence from the given options. The correct answers are provided at the end.

1. After years of hard work, Sarah finally achieved her __________ of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

a. Dream
b. Goal
c. Challenge
d. Obstacle

2. The students were asked to write a brief __________ of the novel they had just finished reading.

a. Introduction
b. Summary
c. Conclusion
d. Analysis

3. Despite facing numerous setbacks, Tom remained __________ and never gave up on his ambitions.

a. Ambiguous
b. Resilient
c. Eloquent
d. Hesitant

4. The scientists conducted an experiment to __________ the effects of the new drug on patients with a rare disease.

a. Elaborate
b. Determine
c. Overcome
d. Conclude

5. The chef’s __________ dish, a combination of unique flavours, left the diners impressed and satisfied.

a. Mundane
b. Exquisite
c. Routine
d. Monotonous



  1. b. Goal
  2. b. Summary
  3. b. Resilient
  4. b. Determine
  5. b. Exquisite

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