Squealer’s Manipulations-Animal Farm-CSEC English B


Squealer is a character from George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, known for his ability to manipulate language and information to serve the interests of the ruling pigs, particularly Napoleon. Here are some detailed examples of Squealer’s manipulations from the novel:

  1. Changing the Commandments: Throughout the novel, the Seven Commandments of Animalism are altered to justify the actions of the pigs. For instance, when the pigs start sleeping in beds, which goes against the original commandment of “No animal shall sleep in a bed,” Squealer revises it to “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.” This manipulation is subtle yet effective in justifying the pigs’ behaviour while maintaining the illusion of adherence to the principles of Animalism.
  2. Revisionist History: Squealer frequently revises historical events to suit the pigs’ narrative and to discredit dissenting voices. For example, when Snowball, the rival pig, is blamed for various misfortunes on the farm, Squealer distorts the memory of the animals by spreading false stories about Snowball’s alleged treachery. He presents Snowball as a traitor who is in league with humans, thereby vilifying him and solidifying Napoleon’s authority.
  3. Exploiting Fear: Squealer manipulates the animals’ fears to maintain control over them. When the animals express concern about the possibility of Jones (the human owner) returning, Squealer paints a vivid and terrifying picture of life under Jones’s rule, using this fear to justify the pigs’ leadership and dissuade any dissent or questioning.
  4. Emotional Manipulation: Squealer often employs emotional manipulation to sway the animals’ opinions and behaviours. He appeals to their sense of loyalty to the farm and to Napoleon, portraying any opposition or scepticism as disloyalty and betrayal. By framing dissent as harmful to the collective good and the revolution, he effectively suppresses opposition.
  5. Selective Presentation of Facts: Squealer selectively presents facts to support the pigs’ actions while omitting or distorting information that could undermine their authority. For example, he exaggerates the farm’s productivity under the pigs’ leadership while downplaying or ignoring the hardships and inequalities experienced by the other animals.
  6. Use of Propaganda: Squealer utilizes various propaganda techniques, such as slogans, repetition, and appeals to authority, to sway the animals’ opinions and to maintain the pigs’ control over the narrative. He presents the pigs as wise and benevolent leaders who are working tirelessly for the welfare of all animals, despite evidence to the contrary.

These examples illustrate how Squealer manipulates language, history, emotions, and information to uphold the pigs’ power and to suppress dissent on Animal Farm. His mastery of manipulation plays a crucial role in maintaining the pigs’ authoritarian regime.

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