I am Sherice and welcome to my brainchild, CSEC English Made Easy (CSEME).  I am a blogger, author, and teacher.

My passions are English B (Literature) and  English A (Language) which I teach to grades 7-11 and Literatures in English to grades 12-13.  I am currently based in Jamaica where my days are spent at work teaching or behind the computer preparing content for you.

Our Story

CSEME is a resource site designed to provide detailed analysis, sample questions and study notes for the CSEC English A and B Syllabus. 

CSEME started about four years ago as a place on the web to direct my students to get additional information on English A and B class activities. These activities were collected from my teacher notes as well as online sites. 

Four years later,  it was noted that students around the Caribbean were using the site as a resource to prepare for the CSEC examinations. 

After much updates to the blog, in December 2017, the blog was redesigned. All the posts that were on the blog before are still here. In addition to the new design, member portals were added to the site. These include CSEME Pro and CSEME Regular

Membership to the Site

CSEME PRO Membership

CSEME PRO Membership is a paid membership component the CSEC English Made Easy site. As a paid subscriber, you will be able to download:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Worksheets
  • Powerpoints
  • Sample Google Site
  • Projects

Who is CSEME PRO for?

This membership is designed for Teachers, HOD’s and Parents who Home School

CSEME PRO Memberships/ Subscriptions can be purchased in our shop.

CSEME Regular Membership

Anyone can sign up for regular membership to the site by creating a profile. As a member of the site you will be given access to:

  •  worksheets that you can download
  • exclusive content
  • added to our mailing list


I am currently accepting English A and B Texts, Dictionaries, e- and print-ARCs, -galleys, and -books for review consideration from publicists, authors, agents, etc.

You may contact me via my contact form or by e-mail.

My eReader is compatible with epub, kindle publications or pdf files, so please bear that in mind when you send me e-books.

Additionally, I write for publications, both online and off-, and may choose to write about a book I receive for those publications instead of, or in addition to, CSEC English Made Easy Workbooks.

Please be aware that all reviews are my honest opinions and thoughts on the text.