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Sample CSEC Application Letter Past Paper Question

Read the following carefully and answer the question set on it.


A vacancy exists for a Sales Representative with a dynamic sports goods firm.
No experience is necessary but applicants should have at least three years of secondary education.
Participation in Sports would be an asset, as well as a knowledge of popular indoor games.
All applications should be in the form of a letter in the applicants’ own handwriting and should be addressed to:
The Personnel Manager
West Indies Sports Goods Ltd
P.O. Box 103
Imagine that you have seen he above advertisement in your local newspaper. Write a letter of application for this position.
(30 marks)
(1991 CSEC Past Paper Question)

Your answer will be assessed on how well you: 

 formatted your letter

 selected relevant and complete information

 organized and expressed the information in your letter

 used appropriate grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.

Your letter MUST be in continuous prose.


An African Thunderstorm Questions- CSEME PRO

  1. Identify the two similes used in stanza 1.

    2. Why are the clouds described as “pregnant” in stanza 2?

    3. Comment on the use of the word “stately” in line 10.

    4. Quote two consecutive words in stanza 2 that suggest that the thunderstorm might be dangerous.

    5. Explain why this thunderstorm might not be as welcome to the villagers.

    6. In line 24, alliteration is used. Write down the line and indicate the alliteration and also comment on its effectiveness.

Symbolism in Ti-Jean and His Brothers

Symbols and Symbolism Defined

A symbol in literature is something that represents something else. There symbolism is a figure of speech where an object, person, or situation has another meaning other than its literal meaning.

 Symbolism in the Play

A major theme is colonialism, and each brother represents a phase of opposition towards colonial rule Gros-Jean represents strength against the opposition, but the devil represents colonial oppressor.

Mi-Jean represents intelligence against the opposition,Ti-Jean represents belief in God, common sense, and taking advice from other people, like his animal friends. 

The Devil and the many masks he wears represent colonial oppression.

Bolom represents the community that wouldn’t be born, and when he is born, it represents the community that can come to be Morality— faith in God is better than strength and intelligence, Ti-Jean is compared to David


CSEME PRO members, you can find sample Ti-Jean and his Brothers questions under Teacher Membership -‘English B Questions’


resource: Texas, U. (2017). A Summary of Ti-Jean and His Brothers

Expository Writing on the CSEC 2018-2023 Exam

We have a basic ideas of the types of writing that will be on the CSEC English A exam. We also know what  is Expository Writing. So today, we are going to explore the types of Expository Writing on the January 2018-2023  exam paper. In order to do this, we are going to refer the syllabus (please note that  reference is taken from the updated and original versions of the syllabus).

The syllabus refers to Expository writing as Informative Discourse (pages  13-17 old syllabus) and (pages 8-14 in the updated syllabus).  The topics listed below are based on the activities that are listed on the before mentioned informative discourse pages .

  • Business Letters
  • Report Writing
  • Statistical Report
  • Job Applications
  • Expository Essays
  •  Writing
    • Minutes
    • Notices
    • Emails
  • Completing forms

It is important to not that this post makes reference to Section B of the CSEC English A Paper 2. This section is marked out of 30 marks.

Marks are allocated as follows:

  1. Content- 10 marks
  2. Organization of Content- 10 marks
  3. Language Usage, Mechanics- 10 marks


The rubric is as follows:



Come back tomorrow as be explore all of the listed expository writing topics and provide sample questions.

Bird Shooting Season


This poem briefly states the rituals surround bird shooting season. Stanza one of the poem shows the behaviour of the men during the season ‘make marriage with their guns’ and ‘My father’s house turns macho’.

In contrast, stanza two shows the behaviour of the women during the season. Women prepare food items for the man to take with them.

In stanza 3 the men prepare to leave in the dark and finally in stanza 4 we see the contrasting reaction between the boys (longing to grow) and the girls (feeling sorry for the birds).