English A Past Tense Verb Activity 2

Read the following passage carefully. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the verb in the bracket.  
  Mount Fuji is the highest volcanic mountain in Japan. It last ___1___ ( erupt ) in 1707 and has long ___2___ ( look ) upon as a sacred mountain by many Japanese.
If you ___3___ ( be ) to go to Mount Fuji, or Fujiyama as it ___4___ also ______ ( be, know ), you would see many hot springs ___5___ ( bubble ) at the foot of the mountain.

Some people, ___6___ ( believe ) in the medicinal value of the springs, ___7___ ( bathe ) in them in the hope that their illnesses will ___8___ ( cure ) by the hot water.

Many Japanese hope to climb the mountain at least once in their lives. ___9___ ( complete ) the journey on foot, as some Japanese here had done, is not an easy task.

Mount Fuji is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. It is therefore not surprising that tourists from all over the world ___10___ ( visit ) it each year. 

Answers: 1. erupted   2. been looked   3. were   4. is, known   5. bubbling   6. believing   7. bathe   8. be cured   9. Completing  10. visit  

English A Past Tense Verb Activity

Read the following passage carefully. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the verb in the bracket.  

Mr Eugene Smith’s young wife ___1___ ( survive ) for only a few days after the birth of her son. However, she had the ___2___ ( console ) of ___3___ ( hold ) the infant in her arms for a few moments before the nurse ___4___ ( take ) him away.
That evening, she ___5___ ( slip ) into a coma from which she never ___6___ ( wake ) up. Three days later she ___7___ ( die ).

Mr. Smith who had loved his wife ___8___ ( dear ) was badly affected by her ___9___ ( die ). He blamed his son for the death of his ___10___ ( love ) Elaine.


Answers :  1. survived   2. consolation   3. holding   4. took   5. slipped   6. woke   7. died   8. dearly   9. death  10. beloved

Comma Exercise # 2 – Joining Independent Clauses

Insert commas in the following sentences:

1. We can go to the zoo or we can go to the movie theater.
2. They like chocolate but they like vanilla better.
3. We will go to the restaurant now for we are very hungry.
4. I do not like biology nor do I like chemistry.
5. James wants to leave now yet we must wait for his little brother.
6. Terry is working on a project and he should be finished with it next week.


Commas Explained

Insert a commas in the following sentences. If you are not sure what to do watch the video below.

1. Carlos wants to visit Paris Italy Germany and China.

2. My favorite colors are blue red and pink.

3. I like to go hiking fishing swimming and camping during summer.

4. I have to clean my room walk the dog and take out the trash.

5. The tree is very tall old and green.

6. I need to visit my mother wash my car and buy six stamps.

7. We are having peas and carrots roast beef and cake for dinner.

8. Emilio my next-door neighbor has two daughters a son and a puppy.

9.Chicago the largest city in the Midwest is the home of the skyscraper blues and deep-dish pizza.

10. Germany Brazil Spain and Saudi Arabia are all teams playing the 2018 World Cup.

reference sites: englishforeveryone.com & ereadingworksheets.com